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About us

We're Baking Society Costa & Ferreira a traditional Portuguese bakery industry specialist in the supply of traditional bakery products.

Installed in a complex with more than 50,000 m2, currently has in your table about 250 employees and 100 vehicles of distributing bakery, during every day of the year except Christmas and new year.

The traditional manufacturing process of our bread, baked in wood-burning masonry ovens and no preservatives, gives genuine features that, combined with the our supply capacity (more than 10,000 tons/year) became the bread of Rio Maior widely known and consumed in Portugal in more than 5,000 customers across the country.


The source of the Largest River bread dates back to the very origin of Costa & Ferreira, when the owner, Mr. Joaquim Costa, began manufacturing a unique recipe for a homemade bread baked in wood-burning masonry ovens to supply two small grills of your property and his wife, Rita, in the municipality of Rio Maior.

The bread has become famous for your crispy crust and soft interior and tasty, being especially appreciated as an accompaniment to the famous "chicken from Rita".

With the great demand for restaurants and later small markets, the traditional bread is known for as Bread of Rio Maior, due to your manufacture in this municipality located in the region of Ribatejo, approximately 80 km from Lisbon.

With freshness and quality unchanged for a long period of time the bread of Rio Maior became known through their consumers and marketed at national level on large surfaces, being today one of the recognized brands as a product typically Portuguese.


The bread factory Costa Ferreira obtained certification & Bread Regional de Rio Maior, and this, the first product of the traditional national level certificate bakery.

At the same time, the company also obtained the certificate ISO 22000-food safety management systems and BRC Food.

The company also is preparing to make sure the safety management system your work through the standard ISO 45.001.

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Panificadora Costa & Ferreira within the "Bread Manufacturing" activity, which includes all the activities of production, storage, dispatch of frozen products and distribution of bakery products, considers the quality and food safety of the products it markets as a fundamental part of its production. business strategy, and to achieve this goal, employees and partners must have a safe and healthy work environment.

To this end, it has decided to implement its Integrated Management System, as it considers this action a guarantee of increased trust with its customers, its employees and partners as well as the general public.

In order to guarantee the wholesomeness of all the products that the company markets in order to increase consumer confidence, disseminate the safety and health culture at work and thus promote the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System implemented, Panificadora Costa & Ferreira Commits itself to:

  • Guarantee the Quality and Food Safety of the products it markets, increasing productivity, as well as competitiveness in the market.
  • Meet the requirements defined in agreement with the client exceeding your expectations.
  • Ensure the identification of hazards related to the health of products, establishing effective control measures.
  • To prevent injuries, injuries and damages to the health of its employees in order to contribute to the improvement of performance in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • Encourage the involvement of all employees and stakeholders to comply with the established requirements.
  • Promote effective communication between its employees as well as with suppliers, customers and official entities on issues related to quality, food safety and occupational safety and health.
  • Provide all the necessary resources to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the integrated system, meeting the requirements of:
    • NP EN ISO 22000
    • Global Standard for Food Safety
    • FD-BBME-22_ Technical specification SGS ICS – Producto Rio Maior Bread
    • ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements
  • Comply with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements as well as other requirements related to quality, food safety and occupational safety and health and defined by stakeholders.
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce and control risks in order to prevent incidents and accidents.
  • Inquiry and participation of workers in the creation of safe work systems.
  • Ensure that the Quality, Food Safety, and Occupational Health and Safety Policy is understood by all employees of the organization, so as to ensure the implementation of the same.

This Quality, Food Safety and Occupational Health and Safety Policy is appropriate to the organization's role in the food chain and is based on a perspective of continuous improvement of the IMS implemented. To this end, it is supported in measurable objectives and is communicated, implemented, reviewed periodically, and maintained at all levels of the organization through its placement in various points of the factory.